Tantric Remedies for Success and Money :


Bring home 5 small stones from any flowing water body like a river or the sea. Then keep them on a clean piece of cloth and light a Dhoop Stick and a Diya of Pure Ghee and worship them. Then tell them about the problems you are facing in your business and also how you visualize your business to progress and what you wish to achieve. Then offer the 5 stones a Prasad of Curd Rice.

Then the next day in the morning, go and immerse the 5 stones and the Curd Rice in the flowing water body.

This remedy is said to make your business prosperous and remove all obstacles and problems which are troubling the business. This has to be performed only once.

Another One:

Once in month Purchase a caged Parrot from the Bird Selle.Make sure that the wings have not been damaged or cut and it is fit enough to fly. Then bring it home and give it something to eat-like tomatoes or cucumber and some water
Then release this Parrot from its cage; the higher it flies the more will be the success you get. And yes; you can practice this remedy again and again.


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