For male childbirth, there are a few conditions. On the off chance that they are satisfied in spouse horoscope, at that point, the sure male childbirth is confident. 

Jupiter must be in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces sign or if nothing else in Navamsha. 

Jupiter ought not to be too near Rahu or Ketu. (Degrees)

Fifth house lord ought not to be close with Ketu. Comparative methods in the 5-degree run. 

Jupiter ought not to be close with Saturn or ought not to be in immediate resistance with Saturn. 

On the off chance that the above standards are fulfilled, at that point, we can say that birth is a male kid with confident. 

Presently we will examine how to get the male kid and when will be male kid liable to above principles. 

After the initial five days of the menstrual cycle, Calculate the days from the date of the Menstrual Cycle. Select sixth, eighth, tenth, twelfth, fourteenth and sixteenth day for origination. From the seventeenth day, the kickoff of the uterus begins contracting step by step for the next cycle, so odds of origination will be less after seventeenth day. 

While choosing the days above, recall that upon the arrival of origination Moon ought to be in odd sign and not in even motion. 

Likewise evade the day when Moon is near Saturn or Ketu or Moon is between 2 malefic planets in any case odds of the unnatural birth cycle or frail youngster will be substantial. 

Aside from above, you can likewise have some thought of male youngster from the birthday of your last kid. 

See the birthday (Tithi) of your youngster. If New Moon day (Amavasya) is coming quite close to his introduction to the world date, then next youngster will be of other sex. 

Which means if you have a little girl and if New Moon day (Amavasya) is coming surprisingly close to his birthday tithi, say within ten days, then next youngster will be female. Same applies to opposite-sex also. 


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