As of late, a couple of my supporters/ disciples asked me how to shield from clairvoyant assaults and perceive the indications of being affected by it. In this post, I will share an incident that happened to one of my clients. There’s a parcel to compose with regards to clairvoyant attacks, procedures and so on., But let me cut it off here. Rest we’ll find in some different posts with strategies included, signs and so forth., 

Above all else, a clairvoyant assault is fundamentally a cognizant or oblivious sending of adverse vitality from either an individual or a damaging soul substance. You may have unwittingly sent a clairvoyant assault by contemplating somebody and trusting they would endure. Incidentally, from a law of fascination/karma point of view, that can return to you. 

It’s for the most part from individuals that don’t have the foggiest idea of how to deal with their feelings solidly.

And they think these things as opposed to communicating their contrary sentiments to themselves and the individual influenced. 

Lower substances that vibrate negatively can likewise get into your vitality on the off chance that you leave an ‘indirect access open’ that permits them in. Their energy can trigger the recurrence of an unfavourable occasion from quite a while ago, and afterwards, cause you to recollect those occasions and vibrate at the repetition of those negative feelings. 

Except if you’re mindful and cautious, you can be helpless to this vitality. 

Being in line with your typical sound, upbeat, and adjusted present status will assist you with getting aware of this sort of vitality assault. Reflection, journaling, and yoga help with this. 


Are pitiful, down, angry, uncomfortable emotions and adverse occasions 

Mishaps occurring in your life 

A dash of misfortune could be an indication that you are under clairvoyant assault. 

I was feeling negative vitality surrounding you. 

Abruptly feeling depleted of vitality for reasons unknown. 

Having bad dreams where somebody is assaulting you 

A model one of my customers encountered a clairvoyant assault, was the point at which he was living with a previous companion. She was not, at this point, content with him living with her, yet she had not communicated it. Same time, there was an issue with the security framework in her home, which was placed in the room, and he was remaining. It had set off the alert organization, and the fire somebody called the police and fire personnel. 

Then, He wasn’t home during this time, and I was at the rec centre. At the point when he left the exercise centre, his vehicle stalled on the interstate. He was very shaken as he attempted to discover a road to pull over on a new exit. Right when he escaped the vehicle to call some assistance, he was getting an approaching call from the lady he was remaining. 

He was astonished to the point that she was calling directly at this identical time, and when he conversed with her, he could tell she was irate. He understood that her response to the alert going off and the police considering her had sent him a clairvoyant assault as the vehicle issue. 

It was unforeseen because he had a new vehicle purchased as of late. ( Actually, he understood  after I let him know, what it was) 

After I explained, he acknowledged what vitality was influencing everything, except realized it could be on a less tremendous scope and merely dependent on the energetics. After this experience, I disclosed to him how to secure his vitality. I set up a rundown of clairvoyant assault devices. 

Remember the reasons why this individual is sending their pessimistic aims to you.

They don’t even have an idea how to deal with their feelings, or they do so since they don’t have an idea how to move toward your face to face. 

You’ll need to keep up certain expectations for this individual, while additionally holding positive aims for yourself. Keep love, light, and bliss in your emanation. At the point when you have the field, you are in a positive vibrational state, and your emanation acts as a shield. 

On the off chance that you venture a clairvoyant assault, at whatever point truly conceivable, don’t be close to them face to face. Out of the picture and therefore, irrelevant! There are such numerous different approaches to send clairvoyant assaults through educated mediums in the majority of the towns in the south just as a south-east district of India.

Praying Maa Kali, Bhairav, Durga Maa, Narasimha, Hanumanji will Help Instantly. Also few Yantras, Mantras will help. Crystals, Gemstones, Essentials oils will help partly. In Indian Old Textures, It was called “Abhichara Dosha.”

ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri


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