Law of attraction, the royal road: union with personal energy


 What is called the law of attraction is only the translation in terms accessible to all, of the principles of the matter-energy nature of the human body and of the Universe.

In scientific language, the term “law” should be understood as a universal principle,  that is to say, valid for each and everyone without any exception, at any time, in any place, and in any situation.

Why am I writing that the Royal way is Union with one’s Personal Energy (or Soul or Self or Inner Being or the Divine in oneself, any term that allows your understanding)?

Because this dimension is naturally always positive.

Because we must always keep in mind that the human body is biologically structured for well-being.  In other words, the entire physicochemical-biological structure of the human body is naturally designed so that the human being can live in harmony, balance, and ease.

In other words, the human being is not on earth to suffer or be unhappy, nor to pay for an error or any “sin” that he would have committed in another time and another place.

Human beings are NOT designed to live in fear even if they experience fear.

Human beings are NOT designed to live in discomfort even if they experience discomfort.

Human beings are NOT designed to experience illness even if they experience illness.


Human beings are designed to live in security, trust, well-being, love, and abundance and it is their free will to experience something else.

I wrote my book “Achieving Union. A process of consciousness ”  to present simply and concretely the scientific energy understanding of the Human Being so that everyone can have a practical, scientific approach that allows them to regain their well-being and to flourish BEFORE the name” Law of Attraction ”is only propagated through effective marketing including films like“ The Secret ”.


Although my book never speaks of “law of attraction”, it is obviously the same scientific principles which are presented there in a practical way applicable in its daily life, in a simple language and accessible to all I want to say Just as Energy precedes matter, Science precedes marketing! ” 
When we live our life in accordance with our Personal Vital Energy (scientific language) or said in another way when we are in agreement with our Self (language of psychology)  the law of attraction is naturally implemented without even being we thought about it , without even paying attention, in accordance with what we want to experience in our life.
This is how many people succeed in their lives WITHOUT knowing what principles led them to live what they wanted. They most often say if I succeeded it is ”  because I am the strongest  ” and / or ”  because I am intelligent ” …… but also sometimes ”  because it is natural “, ”  because it is obvious “. ”  It’s natural “, ”  it’s obvious  ” because indeed IT IS natural when one is in agreement with oneself / Self, one’s Vital Energy but it has nothing to do with ”  being the strongest “.
If many people are successful in one area, we often find that there are areas where it does not work…. Most people then state the formula, a justification, “  we can’t have everything ”….
We can have it all.

The choice is in your hands.
NO ONE has more or more chance of this or that or less than this or that than the others.
You have the RIGHT to choose the idea “  you can have EVERYTHING in your life ”  . If there are people who have everything in their life, it is simply because they apply, without necessarily knowing it consciously, the principles which lead to the manifestation of what they have desired.
It was IGNORANCE that gave birth to the idea that there would be people who were successful at everything and others who “would not be so lucky”.
It is when the human being is disconnected from the signals of his body see the heading Health a personal responsibility that he loses contact with his Vital Energy and that he then moves away from health, harmony and the legitimate and natural ease of his being.
The law of attraction is both simple and very subtle. Some people may believe that the law of attraction is just a “mental trick” and others, despite their good will, may not experience the desired changes.
In other words, putting the law of attraction into practice can sometimes be tedious when:
Seeking to achieve Union, IN PRIORITY, with one’s Personal Energy, Self or Soul, or Inner Being, is to go directly to the Essential.
This is what deep religious and philosophical teachings have tried to convey for millennia as a message:
“Seek the kingdom of God first and you will have the rest in addition” (religion)
“Know yourself and you will know men, Gods and the Universe” (philosophy)
are only encouragement to Unite with what in us, opens us to “All that Is”, “God” for mystics, “The Universe” for scientists.
The more we achieve Union with our personal Vital Energy (or Inner Being, or Self, or Essence…) the more things are put in place naturally, effortlessly, harmoniously, with ease in our life.
When we have achieved the Union, we know that success is there even before the materialization of success.


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