The first step:

Get Cow Urine/GOMUTRA and Add Rock Salt (Himalayan salt) into it. GOMUTRA has to be sprayed all over the house, including all the corners and clean it. There should not be any rooms or place that is not covered.

Most essential :

It would be best if you first rearrange or keep changing things while cleaning your house. One should do this regularly. Shifting like this can be called as Energy Shifting Method. Once the negative energy is gone, then naturally, Positive vibes enter the place. 

An essential ingredient is a must for this method which is of less cost. Everyone would know about this ingredient named Bay leaf, and it is otherwise called Biryani leaf. It would be available in all the provision shops, and even all the ladies use this ingredient in their kitchen room.

First, we should prepare a bowl of hot water and drop this Bay leaf / Biryani leaf into it, and you would get vapour from it. It would be best if you spread this vapour all over the house, and it is one of the practical and best methods.

 Bay Leaf Method:

We can even get oil extract of Bay leaf, and we can fill that into the mosquito liquid machine (like Allout liquid machine). We can start using this bay leaf extract oil instead of using other liquids, and it is also an easy and cost-effective method.

Importance of Bay leaf/Biryani leaf:

We know the earth, air, water, fire, and space are the five elements of our nature. One among them is a fire element, and this Bay leaf /Biryani leaf is associated with the fire element.

The Astrological significance of Bay leaf:

Bay leaf has incurred the power of the sun. By using this Bay leaf, we can cleanse the evil or negative energy around each individual.

Bay leaf uses for Health :

We can even use Bay leaf for one’s personal use. If anyone has any health issue of any imbalance in their body, they can drop a bay leaf into a bowl of hot water and use it as a steam vaporizer. It would give you a good effect. You can do it twice in a month.

Alternate Usage of Bay Leaf:

  1. Take a vessel, use coconut shell or charcoal and camphor and flame it for a smoke. 
  2. Do not use petrol or kerosene oil. It would be best if you drop this bay leaf to that prepared flame. Usually, the bay leaf does not burn when lighted we have to light it several times to avoid those things we can follow the above flame method. 
  3. Once we have the Bay leaf in flame, show the smoke to all eight directions in your home not leaving any corners in the rooms. 
  4. You can follow this method regularly or at least once a week.
  5. You can feel a tremendous change after doing these steps, and you would have adequate relief, and you can feel a new atmosphere changeover around you and your house. 

TC : From ShriGuru Methods  Smt.Radha Karthik 


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