Attract money flow with Salt

Attract Money Flow With Salt | Best Way To Attract Money with Salt
Attract Money Flow With Salt | Best Way To Attract Money with Salt

It’s a Simple Money Attraction with Salt, A Money Flow Ritual which can be done by all. When you do this with the procedure given properly, You can attract money with salt with Ease.

Given mantra to chant is from Tamil Origin and Created with High Vibration Syllables by ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri.

Those who understand the Tamil Language can go through the below-given link for a visual understanding:

Things Required:

  • Glass tumbler 
  • Rock Salt (Himalayan Salt)
  • 1 Glass of Water (Drinking Water / Water used for Bathing)
  • One Rupee coin


One should follow this procedure during the night before going to bed. There is no particular time for it, and if each one in the family Performs this, it’ll give overall auspiciousness. Ladies can do this process without any restriction. 


1. Take a hand full of rock salt (Himalayan salt), or you can even take 10 to 12 pieces of salt. Each person should carry one rupee coin along with them before starting this process.

2. We should not touch the glass tumbler while doing this process. No one should help each other in taking the salt from the jar. One should do themselves. 

3. You can take the salt using a long spoon either by using your left hand or by using your dominant hand. One should use Himalayan Rock Salt for best results. The normal one may not give results. 

4. Drop the salt pieces one by one to the water without touching the glass tumbler and chants this slogan while dropping the salt” YERALLAM ENNIKAI YENULLEY VANDHERUM”.

5. This process works fast, and generally, kids will have a great interest in doing it.

6. After dropping the salt into the water, please drop the one rupee coin to it. And then close the glass tumbler with lid and keep it overnight.

7. Next day when you go for a bath, Remove that one rupee coin aside, and pour the water into your bathtub and you can even chant the slogan when you are bathing. It would be useful, and there is no harm if it is not said.   

8. You have to spend that one rupee coin along with the other expenses you do on that day, please do not postpone it to next day. There is no reason or restriction to spend that amount.

Benefits attained through Saltwater:

By following this saltwater method, you can gradually notice an increase in the flow of money. 

If you are earning only 500 rupees daily (or equivalent to your currency), you will get an increased income of 600 to 700 rupees, and likewise, each person can see the growth in their income based on their work. 

When you do this regularly, you can see Income growth, Money attraction within a short period. We cannot look out for a big earning, but by following it for a more extended period, a significant difference can be seen, and also a drastic change in your lifestyle. 

Initially, to run it as a system you have to follow it for 15 days, you can have a break for 2 to 3 days no harm in it. When this method is followed regularly for 2 to 3 months, earning money will get multiplied. It is just like a money multiplication method.

Please follow all the instructions given above and you can also chant the slogan” YERALLAM ENNIKAI YENULLEY VANDHERUM” how much ever you. You will feel the difference in the income when followed regularly. 

One can use their own currency Penny for this Money Attracting Ritual. 

TC : From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik 


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