Manifest Now Prosperity & Money with Mirror | Manifest money mantra
Manifest Now Prosperity & Money with Mirror | Manifest money mantra


One may have many wishes in our life. But our entire wishes doesn’t come true. Today’s post we are going to see a method which will help to fulfil all our desires. 

Things Required:  Mirror and Violet colour sketch pen.

Restrictions:  Both Men and women can do on any day – no limits for women.

Things to be noted before starting the method:

We are going to learn about self hypnotization. First, you should have a mirror; it can be in any of your rooms other than the bathroom. It would be best if you had used that Mirror regularly.

One can start this anytime, any day. NO RULES. Before beginning this method, you have to prepare a wish list, and it has to be ready a day earlier in the night time before going to bed.  


You have to make a wish list and prioritize the topmost one, that wish should be of most compelling one. There are no restrictions on what you wish; the cravings can be of any sort. Either you can want to and get money from someone, or you can want to and give money to someone. You might be waiting for bank loan sanction, planning to buy a car, house or expecting any new project in business, wish to travel a foreign country and to do higher studies in a foreign country. Wish can be anything, but deep thinking of the desire is a must.

Do not choose multiple things at a time and expect everything to happen immediately. It won’t work. You can select anyone which is essential and give priority to that. It may occur within 1 to 2 days or within a week. This method is compelling. 


If you wish is to buy a house, you cannot buy a home within a week, this method will help you, in showing a new path or an idea to build a house. Then the work will go on, and now you can carry on with your next wish to fulfil. You have to make a precise analysis of your desires and set your mind crystal clear on what you want really, before the day in the night. A proper analysis is must or else you cannot attain success.

Easy Procedure:


 After choosing your wish, the next day after taking a bath and while dressing up, you should go and stand near the Mirror and take a violet colour pen if there is no objection from your roommate or anyone of the people sharing the room. Then you can write at the top corner of the Mirror, your eyes should look at that message and that message should of one sentence.

No need to chant that sentence the same time watch the same regularly. Whenever you see your face in the Mirror, you might see something different. Many people might experience such things. It is called self hypnotization. When we see our self for some time, we would feel like seeing someone, you feel like that image entering your body. It will happen within 5 minutes. For that first, you need concentration, and it will not take that much time. Follow this method regularly without breaking the pattern so that you can easily attain your wish.

You can start doing immediately after reading even this post provided you have correctly set your wish. If you are unable to feel the image within minutes, do it for the next 10 to 15 minutes. The more time you can take if your wish is SO big. It Purely depends on how you feel the energy and vibrations. At times people would feel it within 2 minutes. 

One must do this method by himself to manifest his desires. Others cannot do on behalf of anyone. Suppose if your wish gets fulfilled, then you can rub it, and then you start writing your other desire. Likewise, continue doing and fulfil all your wishes. 

TC: From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik    


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