Save Money A Lot By Doing This Easy Remedy | Remedy to Save Money
Save Money A Lot By Doing This Easy Remedy | Remedy to Save Money



Avoid unnecessary expenses by doing this simple method.

Things Required: 

Red Tape and a scissor (Image given in Black)

Everyone likes to earn money and save money for their future. It would be challenging at times when unexpected expenses come. There might be a situation where it is unavoidable, and money has to spend even though we know it’s unwanted or waste. These kinds of expenses are hard to stop at times. 

Many people consulted me about this problem and requested for a solution. I already posted in my blogs to use crystal balls outside the bathroom and also in the kitchen room to save money. 

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Here in this post, I am going to share with you a different and also effective method.

In general, we say money flow from the south-east direction or Kitchen room. Likewise,unwanted expenses arise from the bathroom as per Vastu shastra and feng shui. It is due to the influence of Raghu, Ketu and Shani.For this, we can do a simple ritual to save money. 

Tantric mantras for Wealth and Tantra remedies for Wealth can be seen from my below given other blog also :


To avoid such things, we have to keep our bathroom clean. It is essential, and it is also hygienic if you keep it clean all the time possible. Unwanted expenses will start reducing and you can start to save money when keeping the bathroom clean.

Easy procedure:

Here we are going to see another method to stop or control the unwanted wastages; we are going to use a symbol. It would be best if you took a red colour tape and a scissor for it. 

Paste this symbol in the bathroom mirror. First, we should have a mirror in the bathroom and in case if you don’t have a mirror in your bathroom you can get a small size mirror which would be of less cost and hang it in the bathroom.Little expense to save money a lot.

Then you have to paste the picture given in the topmost portion of the mirror using red colour tape. The symbol will look like Soolam which you would have seen in all Amman Temples. The Soolam (Trident) which you see in the temples has bends in it, but this one will not have such curves. It’s a nice symbol to save money.

It is a different symbol. Also, within 1 to 2 months, you can feel the difference.

To add more power to this symbol, let me tell you, another way :

You can even paste this symbol in the back door of the bathroom. But the emblem pasted in the bathroom mirror is the most effective and fast method. It will stop all the unwanted expenses.

TC: From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik   


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