To Make House Magic: Every one of us wishes to have a lucky. To make our house more lucky and magical, we are going to learn a new method. Do this method at the main entrance of the house. It’s one of the powerful money attraction method. 

Things Required:  Mud pot or waste bottle.

 Restrictions:  Both men and women can do this method on any day at any time – no limits for women.


Procedure to pluck the root:

Generally, you can see this KUPPAIMENI plant in the roadside, and you can pluck the root from it. I have already posted the methods to pluck a root; you have to pray to the plant and mention that you are going to yank the root for your growth. We should not use any weapon to pluck the root, you have to remove it using your hands, and the size of the root should be half of the finger. 

After removing the root, you have to ensure that plant is in good condition as the method will not work if the plant dies, so please be careful while removing the root. It is best to clean the root with turmeric water before using. You can even get a KUPPAIMENI plant and water it for a week, and then you can pluck the root as mentioned above.


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How to use?

This method has to be followed only at the main entrance of the house; Do not do this at the backside. Is anyone going to build a new house, they can use this root in all the four corners or if possible they can use it in all eight directions of their home. 

People living in the individual house usually have cement platform outside their main entrance, they can dig and drop this root into the mud and close it with cement or even with the soil. They can do it on their own, without depending on others.

People living in flats have platforms covered with tiles; so it is not possible. This method is combined with the earth element, so people living in an apartment can take a waste bottle or mud pot drop the root into it and then fill mud over it. 

It would be best if you did not leave it as such; people in flats might think it as a waste and throw it in the dustbin. Instead, you can sow new seeds or keep a new plant and water it daily. You should keep this pot straight to the middle of the main entrance. In the flat system, it is not possible; you can put it in a corner.

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How does it work?  

This method is very generic, followed by everyone—the remedies which are given for housework very fast. Now I will provide you with the precise explanation, the horoscope or luck of each person will vary in every place.

In each home they will be maximum of 2 to 4 persons when we follow such remedies, it will work for one person, and it might not work for others. The reason behind is, the person with good karma can enhance the luck, the other person with any DOSHA or lousy karma is unable to enjoy. When you follow this method, the whole family will be benefited. 

That’s the reason I request everyone to pray to god and do things together as a family. This method is swift and useful; it will help you to grow in all aspects.

Please follow this method outside your house entrance. 



TC : From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik  


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