Follow This Method to Get Unlimited Money | Money and law of attraction
Follow This Method to Get Unlimited Money | Money and law of attraction


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In Sanskrit, there is a word called DEVALIPI; We can call it DEVA EZHUTHUKKAL (DIVINE LANGUAGE- DIVINE ALPHABETS). We can connect with almost every GOD’s ENERGY with a NUMBER (in whatever language it maybe). Some might feel odd about hearing how come God’s Energy can be connected or felt with numbers. Divine People like RISHI, MUNI; SIDDHARS who has attained spiritual powers have narrated us about it very subtly in some Granthas. This post we are going to learn a healing code for unlimited money and also the benefits achieved on using it.

Explanation about Derivation:

We are deriving the numbers from each SLOKA given in the olden scripts. We are following the method provided by TIRUMULAR, and we are using those numbers in YANTRA. 

I have given a lot of frequency numbers for unlimited money attraction, and also I have shared specific healing codes created by Western Scientists and Energy Healers. (Nicolas Tesla is such one). Those healing codes are through energy derivation.

Energy and vibrations are from such derivation. 

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Each person will call it with different names according to their religion. I usually use frequency numbers quoted by TIRUMULAR.

I have given frequency numbers to many people, they are even following now, and they have also attained many benefits through it.

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Method to use:

There will be a situation where you need not earn money, you’ll be having unlimited money, and you will feel like retiring. As you have secured how much ever amount, you require for your life. For example: If you have three children and you are not dependent on them, and you are position to support your children when they need. You have made savings in the bank; owned a house, land, invested in shares, renting your home, and you get monthly rent out of it.  

One may think that they’re prosperous and Secured. 

Do this if you need URGENT Money

Even very rich people with unlimited money, have a fear in their mind about something in some way or other. They would have taken Insurance for everything; if they are precautious and ready with everything, they will not face many expenses. But they will need people to support them when they are ill.

People are suffering to earn money and have many loans to pay. Everybody wants Unlimited Money. To help those people, I am going to share a DEVA EZHUTHU. You can write this on your left or right arm or in any of your dominant hand. It is not like Reiki. I have decoded the letter according to the scene today. I have done a lot of researches and then sharing with you. 

Do this Simple technique in your Currency & See What Happens

Take a green colour pen or sketch. You can do it for a lifetime, and there is no need for chanting.


You’ve to write the letter “T”. You need does not see any timing or day to follow this method. Both men and women can do it anytime, and there is no restriction for women. Whenever it gets erased, you can write it. 

You can do this till you get the amount you expected. You can write this letter and carry on with your routine. It will do its work. This method is beneficial and works very well for the people who are running the business, working in companies. 

TC: From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik  


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