Tapping For Money: Just your Fingers Enough !!

Tapping for money method by Vamanan Sesshadri

Tapping for money : Tap you Let us learn how to earn money by tapping our head. I have already taught this method in my money therapy courses. People in many parts of the country are following this Tapping for money method. I have not created the base of this method, it exists from earlier, and I am going to teach only the process.

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This Tapping for money method is similar to Acupressure or Acupuncture, we need to learn the basic, and in Ayurveda, we call it as MARMA points or MARMA THERAPY. In MARMA THERAPY we have to tap the points of the nerves, which tapping our chakra gets cleared and even we get recovered from our health issues.

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What is it all about

There are people, who use to check the health using NADI of our hand, then western people started following it and later they invented pulse dedicator. Whenever we tap each pulse chakra points, that part will start working.

While praying Lord Ganapathy we use to tap our head and then we do sit-ups by holding both our ears, by doing these activities, each point gets activated. Indian ancestors have preached all the basic things but now these methods are changed and given different names. Now let’s see how this method works !!

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(EFT) Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Method

To learn this EFT, use two fingers – middle finger and ring finger.

If there is any money related problem or urge for the money you can follow this tapping for money method. Tap three times on the centre point of the vertex head and thrice on the AGNA CHAKRA (centre of the forehead between the eyebrows), tap gently on those parts.

Chant this Manta while Tapping:
English Mantra:

“I AM A MONEY MAGNET” – Chant while tapping on vertex head.

“MONEY LOVES ME” – Chant while tapping on the Agna Chakra.

No time limit to do this Tapping for money method, but it has to be followed only three times in a day. Both men and women can follow.

Tamil Mantra:

“YEGAM ANEGAM ANUDINAM VANDHERUM” – Chant while tapping on vertex head.

“YERALAM ENNIKKAI YENNULLEY VANDHERUM” – Chant while tapping on the AGNA Chakra.

This is a very effective and powerful mantras, chant it as instructed and by tapping unlock the chakras in your body as well.

TC : Smt. Radha Karthik


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