Angel Number 888 and Frequency Numbers

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Learn how to use angel number 888 in our daily life. Here I tried to give it in a simple Indian Method.

Generally, people facing difficulties will wish God to do some miracles in their life.

Even some will feel like ending their life due to severe difficulties.

Using this ANGEL NUMBER or MIRACLE NUMBERS, those people can come out of their problems within 2 to 3 days based upon how deep is their intent.

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Avoid anxiety and greediness while chanting this angel number.

How to use this Angel number 888

Chant this number several times a day; you can paste this number in your water bottle. You can write this in any ink color, and you can drink the water from that bottle.

Place it in your pillow, inside your socks, best to write in your left hand, and we can even chant it like a song.

You can even create this angel number as a jingle song and listen to it while you will sleep.

You can use it as a phone ringtone, and you can use it as a display picture in your WhatsApp or Facebook and use it as a screen saver or wallpaper on your laptop.

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Use Angel number 888 in any number of ways as per your innovation and imagination. No one can question you, and there is no copyright. So, think wisely and utilize the power generated from it.

Expecting any miracle to happen in your life, chant this number regularly and try to enter this number in all your 72000 SUSHUMNA NADI; it is just like the DNI method. 

These numbers should get into all the parts of your body. Through which we can attain more benefits. This frequency number is one of the SHRI GURU METHODS; follow these numbers and achieve maximum benefits.

Know how to attract money through all the ways using frequency numbers: Angel Number 888 and Frequency Numbers

To know

Frequency numbers usually work very fast and need not follow any directions to chant this number.

Write the number on the paper and paste it into the water bottle and drink that water. The color of the water bottle can be anything.

You can use these frequency numbers in many ways, best to write the number and place it inside the shoes; you can write the number in your left hand using a red and blue color pen, and you can set the paper under your pillow.


This frequency number is the most potent and effective.

Follow this frequency number to attract more money.

Frequency Number for Love and Affection: Angel Number 888 and Frequency Numbers

Learn how to share love and affection towards others using a frequency number.

To know:

Everyone likes to maintain a good relationship in the family, for example, Relationship between husband and wife, the relationship between father and son or daughter, and also the relationship between mother and daughter or son.

They are people who fight with their siblings and avoid talking with them for years, and even some stop talking with their parents.

Frequency numbers break the barrier between the relationships and all create connectivity with all your family members and friends.

Usually, people like to maintain a good relationship in the outside world, and by chanting this number, everyone will start enjoying them.


Frequency numbers generally work very well when it listens in the form of music.

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How to use 

Effects vary; when you listen to it as music, you will get products within three days, whereas by chanting, we will get results only after a week. 

Chant this frequency number as many times as you wish. It will start getting registered in your subconscious mind. It is otherwise referred to as energy numbers. There are no restrictions, and you can chant these frequency numbers even when you are taking a bath. 

Other Methods

Write this frequency number in the water bottle and drink that water. It works well. Even we can place it in the shoes, under the pillow and also you can write it on paper and place it in your pocket. 

Good to write in your left hand. In case it isn’t easy, then write in your thighs. Whenever it gets erased, write it again.

By doing it regularly, you can see a difference in your face, and you will start getting attracted to others.

Follow this frequency number and maintain a good relationship with everyone. 

TC: Smt.Radha Karthik


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